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International Symposium on Beyond Li-Ion Batteries 2024 - BeLI24

1-6 september - Padua


Welcome to BeLI24
It is a great pleasure for the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on Beyond Li-Ion Batteries 2024 – BeLI24 to convene in Padova (Italy) all the people involved in research and technology on materials and devices for electrochemical energy storage.
In Padova, which represents one of the most significant places in the tradition of the classical and humanistic culture, is present one of the oldest universities in the world (established in 1222). Galileo Galilei lived and taught for eighteen years in this city (1592-1610). Around 1600 Padova became the place where for the first time blossomed the well-known inductive experimental method which, during the following centuries, promoted all the fields of science into the propulsion hearts of modern technology and lifestyle.
BeLI-24 will be opened by
Prof. Dr. Stanley Whittingham
(Binghamton University)
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2019 for Lithium ion Batteries
BeLI24 is a world-class meeting meant to convene in Padova the international scientific community active at the global level in the research of all the fundamental and applied aspects of materials for beyond Li-ion batteries. Materials for solid-state and high voltage batteries, lithium metal batteries and batteries exploiting chemistries not relying on lithium ion will be considered. Such materials will mainly include anodes, cathodes and electrolytes; other materials (e.g., dopants, components for the fabrication of the battery case) will be considered as well. BeLI24 will be is also focused on the experimental and the theoretical/computational aspects of the materials, such as the mechanisms of charge migration, the interactions and the reactions at the various electrochemical interfaces, and the cyclability and performance in batteries. Finally, BeLI24 will also examine the safety and the circular economy aspects of beyond Li-ion batteries, including the disassembly, the recovering/recycling and the life-cycle assessment of the materials and components.
On these bases, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate actively to this meeting, in order to extend and renew with innovative contributions and stimuli this crucial field of science and technology of the future world.
You cannot miss this conference. We are looking forward to seeing you in Padova in 2024