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Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Sustainable Business Models, Social Entrepreneurship, and B Corps


Call for Abstracts

3rd Tracy workshop

Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Sustainable Business Models, Social Entrepreneurship, and B Corps

Monday 27th November 2023

 Archivio Antico – Palazzo Bo – Via VIII Febbraio, 2
from 09.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (Rome time)


Email for Submissions:

Submission Deadline: October 31st, 2023


The 3rd TRACY WORKSHOP invites researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to submit their original abstracts of research papers and case studies exploring the theme of "Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Sustainable Business Models, Social Entrepreneurship, and B Corps."

This workshop aims to provide interdisciplinary discussions on innovative approaches and strategies that can contribute to the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Topics of interest for paper submissions include, but are not limited to:

1.        Sustainable business models: Developing and implementing sustainable business models that effectively reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality.

2.        Social entrepreneurship: Exploring the role of social entrepreneurship in addressing environmental challenges, including the development of sustainable enterprises and initiatives.

3.        B Corps and sustainability: Examining the impact and potential of B Corporations (B Corps) in promoting sustainable practices, responsible business conduct, and environmental stewardship.

4.        Renewable energy and clean technologies: Analyzing the role of renewable energy sources and clean technologies in achieving carbon neutrality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

5.        Circular economy: Investigating the potential of circular economy principles, such as recycling, reuse, and waste reduction, in the context of carbon neutrality and sustainable business practices.

6.        Policy and regulatory frameworks: Assessing the effectiveness of policy and regulatory frameworks in promoting carbon neutrality and supporting sustainable business practices.

7.        Finance and investment: Exploring innovative financial instruments and investment strategies that can support the development and scaling of sustainable businesses and projects.

8.        Consumer behavior and sustainability: Understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors towards sustainable products and services, and their role in driving the adoption of carbon-neutral practices.

Submission Guidelines:

•         Abstracts should be no more than 500 words and clearly outline the research question, methodology, key findings, and implications.

•         From 3 to 5 key worlds.

•         All submissions must be in English.

Important Dates:

•         Submission Deadline: October 31st, 2023

•         Notification of Acceptance: November 10th, 2023

•         Workshop Date: November 27th, 2023

Accepted papers will be presented at the 3rd TRACY WORKSHOP.

Please submit your abstracts or full papers via email to by October 31st, 2023. Include "TRACY WORKSHOP Submission" in the subject line of the email. All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review process, ensuring the quality and relevance of the accepted papers.

For more information about the workshop, registration, and updates, please visit the workshop website at or contact us via email at

We look forward to your valuable contributions and engaging discussions at the 3rd TRACY WORKSHOP!


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